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AHD technology at LDSZ

The new video standard, the AHD has arrived at LDSZ. HD video resolution is on coaxial cable (or on UTP with AHD baluns).

In 2014 the Nextchip semiconductor manufacturer has introduced his new DSP and ISP chips which works with HD video resolution. In this year (2015) Full HD resolution will be achieved also. The DVRs are working with this DSP accept the AHD signal. These DVRs work with analogue and IP signals also.


- very good picture quality as by IP
- existing coaxial cable is accepted
- up to 500m distance on coaxial cable
- up 1o 305m distance on solid UTP cable (AHD balun needed in this case)
- real time, no video delay
- fast, effective installation, OSD menu
- no IT knowledge needed
- free CMS software
- attractive price
- different resolution AHD devices are compatible with each other.

2015-02-27 13:15